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The annual Irish Country and Western Line Dance Championships 2012

Heats 2012 Information

Please be aware of the strict rules for entering the C.L.A.I All-Ireland Championship Heats! Provisional 2012 Rules are available to view on the web-site. Please note the strict policy of 'No Cameras' or no recording equipment of any kind will be permitted during competition.



Heat One: Kilkenny, Springhill Court Hotel

29th January 2012

Doors open 2PM



Heat Two: St.Peters G.A.A Club, Lurgan, Co.Armagh

11th February 2012

Doors open 2PM



Heat Three: Dungiven, Co.Derry (venue tbc)

10th March 2012

Doors open approx 2PM



Heat Four: Four Seasons Hotel, Carlingford, Co.Louth

24th March 2012

Doors open 2PM






C.L.A.I 2012

Please Note:

Having your say:

Anything to say, or to add about the heats? Or what do you think of the Heats in general?

Join and discuss on the official C.L.A.I Facebook Page!. An area where you can have a say and have an input on the Irish Country and Western Line Dance scene at C.L.A.I. The only national country and western Line Dance Organisation in Ireland!

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Regarding heat venues:

Due to Alcohol licensing laws and venue conditions, unless otherwise stated, no alcohol can be consumed or enter venues that was purchased outside the property. Please respect this at all times.

As already stated above, under no circumstances will video recording equipment of any kind be permitted at any C.L.A.I heats such as Video cameras, mobile phones, lap top web cams or any other video recording device.

Regarding Dances

Please be aware that the C.L.A.I is a country/western Line Dance organisation and holds the true essence and original values of Line Dance in it's competitions. All competitors are advised to brief themselves with the C.L.A.I rules, which the C.L.A.I enforce in all instances throughout the All-Ireland heats and finals.